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gate opener features
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22. Operating Gate for the First Time

Before operating gate verify that the gate path is clear and
free of obstructions.

Be aware to stop the gate in case of an emergency simply disconnect the linear actuator cable 8 pin plug from the control board.

Gate should be in the open position at this point.

Press the “Open/Close Command” push button. The gate should begin to close. Allow the gate to travel to the factory preset stop position.

Control Board Reset
23. Making Final Adjustments

Once the gate has traveled to the stop position adjust the Gate 1 “Close Limit More or Less” adjustment dial located on the control board.

Turn the adjustment slightly clockwise to close gate more, cycle gate and repeat until close position is correct. If gate is adjusted past the desired closed position turn the adjustment counter clockwise slightly.

Then cycle the gate to verify close position is correct.

24. Install Safety Signs
  Mount the 2 included safety signs on inside and outside of the gate
area so they are clearly visible.
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