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19. Sensitivity Adjustments and Entrapment Alarm

The following sections refer to the Sentry control board and the adjustments made to the board to make your gate opener run effectively. If youwould like to read more information about the Sentry control board prior to proceding - click here

Gate 1 and Gate 2 sensitivity adjustments are located on the left edge of the control board (see figure).

Sensitivity is the primary safety control designed into the control board. The adjustment dials control the amount of pressure the gate can apply to an object, before the gate will stop and reverse direction. If the gate senses an obstruction it will reverse direction. If it senses a second obstruction before reaching the fully open or closed position the gate will shut down. The entrapment alarm which is preinstalled in the control box will sound.

Sensitivity Switches
Control Board Reset

Entrapment alarm will continue for 5 minutes then shut off. The entrapment alarm can be reset by pressing the “Reset” button on the control board.

If two obstructions were detected and control board has shut down and the “Reset” button will have to be pressed to re-activate the opener.

Press Reset button on control board to turn off Entrapment Alarm.

20. Adjusting Gate 1 and Gate 2 Sensitivity

Sensitivity factory setting is on position 0. This setting might allow gate to operate without
false sensing.
If gate stops and reverses for no obvious reason then increase pressure by slightly
adjusting clockwise.
If sensitivity is set too sensitive false sensing may be observed.
IMPORTANT: If adjusting for a single gate once adjustment for that gate is set, also set the other sensitivity adjustment to the same setting. Adjusting both Gate 1 and Gate 2 sensitivity adjustments to the same setting for a single gate installation will prevent the possibility of false trigger and gate reversal.
If opener is installed to auto close and the gate current senses when closing, the gate will return to the open position and not auto close. This is a designed in safety feature required by UL325. The transmitter can be used to close the gate and return opener back to normal operation.

21. Close and Open Limit Adjustments
  Sentry control board limit adjustments are simple and easy to use. Control board has 4 adjustment dials for adjusting the desired stop positions (see figure below).
If opener was installed correctly with the gate in the open position the open limit is already set. You will have to adjust the close position by turning the “Gate 1 Close Limit More or Less” adjustment until the gate reaches the desired close position.

Procedure for adjusting is as follows:

  • Turn the dial that matches the gate action you desire.

  • Then cycle the gate to see the effect the adjustment made. For example, if the gate needs to close more then turn the “Gate 1 Close Limit More or Less” adjustment in the clockwise direction.

  • Then cycle gate to see the effect.
Limit Switch
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