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12. Sentry Plug N Go Harness

The charge controller connector comes preinstalled and should be pluged into the bottom of the charge controller. Plug is color coded. Red connects to positive battery post and Black connects to negative battery post. Once connected, place harness into wire compartment to prepare for battery installation.

13. Install Sentry Battery

Recommended battery type - Battery 12-volt, Group U-1; sealed (maintenance free); 33 amp hour minimum. (This battery is sometimes described as a non-spillable lawn tractor battery.) Battery physical size must not exceed 9” wide, 7” tall and 5 3/4” deep.
The Plug N Go harness has two 1/4” ring terminals to connect to bolt type battery post.

CAUTION - Do not install wet cell battery into control box; this type of battery usually has removable caps used for service and will vent into control box.

  1. Install the battery into the battery compartment.
  2. Connect O ring terminals from harness to the battery.
    NOTE: Red wire to positive post of battery - Black wire to negative post of battery
  3. Tighten the bolts securely (bolts should be supplied with the battery)
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