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9a. Install Gate Bracket to Gate - Pull to Open

To determine where the gate bracket will be installed follow these steps: The linear actuator should be connected to the actuator bracket at this point.

NOTE - The linear actuator was shipped from the factory set to the fully retracted position.

  1. Swing gate to the fully open position.
  2. Now open gate another couple of inches (the gate will never open
    more than this position). The gate can be adjusted later to open a
    little less if needed.
  3. Swing linear actuator around (should swing freely) in a level position
    to meet the fully open gate. This is where you should install the gate bracket on the gate.
  4. Mark the location of the 1/4” holes for the mounting bracket. (see figure)
  5. Attach bracket to gate (if using a light weight tubular farm gate use gate support bracket for support). Use the 1/4” x 2 1/2” or 3 1/4” tap bolts depending on gate thickness, four 1/4” flat washers and two 1/4” serrated hex nuts. Tighten securely.
  6. The gate should now be installed in the fully open position.
  7. Verify that linear actuator is level and all pieces have been installed correctly.

9b. Install Gate Bracket to Gate - Push to Open

Procedure is identical to the steps for Pull to Open except the gate will be in the fully closed position. For a push to open configuration, you will need to reverse the operating direction for the gate on the control board.

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