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10. Preparing Sentry Control Box for Installation

The control box has two holes in the bottom of the box providing access to the wire compartment. The large hole is for the actuator cable and the smaller hole is for the charge device cable.

Install the provided cable gland into the small hole as shown here.

11. Install Sentry Control Box

The control box should be installed in a location that will not require the eight foot linear actuator cable to be spliced. (If the cable must be spliced refer to the splicing instructions below.) The most common location would be on a fence or wall adjacent to your gate. Avoid placing the control box behind solid metal objects that might interfere with the receiver reception. The antenna for the receiver is located inside the control box and this could reduce the operating range.

  1. Use control box as a template to determine and mark the mounting screw locations using the 4 mounting holes shown in figure here.

  2. Drill mounting holes for screws DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HOLD THE CONTROL BOX IN PLACE WHILE YOU
    DRILL THE MOUNTING HOLES. This could damage the preinstalled components.

  3. Attach the 4 #12 hex head self tapping metal screws

  4. Mount the control box on the screws

    Verify the structure the control box is mounted on is sufficient enough
    to hold the control box and battery securely.
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