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14. Install Charging System - AC or Solar

For AC Charge Option - Install Transformer
Supplied with opener

The USAutomatic transformer (PN520008) supplied is a low voltage UL approved transformer for this type of application. This device being used is equipped with a DC plug for easy connection to the charge controller and can easily provide 575 cycles of operation a day without decreasing the battery charge. In the event AC power goes out the opener will operate for weeks on the battery (if cycles per day are below 20) before needing service. Again, accessories connected to the opener are critical. Always use Solar Friendly accessories to help avoid premature battery failure in cases of power outages.

  1. Loosen cable gland nut and route the cable from the charge device into the control box (see figure). Ensure that DC plug can reach the charge controller “Power In” connector.
  2. Tighten cable gland nut to hold cable in place.
  3. Connect the transformer to an approved electrical receptacle.

NOTE: The 110 VAC receptacles should be installed by a qualified
electrician, per local building codes.

If replacement becomes necessary visit to order, part number 520008. Failure to use the proper transformer can damage the charge controller.

For Solar Charge Option - Install the Solar Panel
Optional Solar Panel Kit Part Number 520015 - not included

The location of the solar panel is critical for proper battery charging. The panel needs to face a Southwest direction and be installed at the angle of the supplied solar panel bracket. For proper operation the panel must have unobstructed sun. The Solar Panel needs to be mounted so that it receives full sunlight. Even a small amount of shade or blockage will cause the Solar Panel to Cease charging. Something as tiny as a fingertip shadow will affect the Solar Panel.

Optimizing Solar Panel Location
The charge controller determines the charge method installed (AC or Solar) and charges the battery at the optimum charge rate. The solar panel outputs voltage and current to charge the battery. This output voltage will vary slightly as the sun passes over throughout the day. The charge controller can be used to optimize this output voltage.
To use this feature identify time of day for the maximum solar radiation (typically around 2 pm).
Face the panel toward the sun and observe the “External Power” light on the charge controller, adjust the panel until light comes on and secure in that position.

NOTE: Depending on the time of year and your exact location the output voltage required to illuminate “External Power” light may not be possible. This does not indicate a problem. In this case set panel to face a Southwest position and verify “Solar Power” light is on. Battery is being charged.

For additional information regarding Solar Charging, see the Solar Friendly section of this site.

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