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15. Connect Charge Device to Charge Controller

(Transformer or Solar Panel Kit)

The Sentry gate opener charge controller accepts inputs from either the supplied AC transformer or the optional solar panel. The transformer and solar panel come with a DC plug for easy installation. Once the charge device is selected and installed connect the DC plug into the charge controller “Power In” located in the upper right corner of the charge controller.

16. Charge Controller Operation Check

Once the charge device is plugged into the charge controller identify your installation below. Verify proper operation by observing lights on charge controller as stated Appendix C of this manual.

NOTE: Most batteries will not be completely charged when first connected and the charging light should come on when charge controller is first connected. The fully charged light will come on once battery is fully charged.

When using a solar panel, the charge controller is designed to only charge the battery when there is enough sun to do so. If there is no sun then the lights on the charge controller should be “OFF”. If transformer is installed lights are operational all the time. This feature reduces the drain on the battery in solar installations.

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