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17. Install Linear Actuator Cable

With the control box installed route the linear actuator cable into the bottom of the control box using the 1 1/4” hole in the rear bottom. Slide the hole plug that is installed on the linear actuator cable into the control box hole and snap in place.
If cable length is excessive, coil up and place in the wire compartment of control box.
Ensure the length allows for connection to the Sentry control board Gate 1 connector.

18. Sentry Plug N Go Harness Final Installation
  At this point verify the following items have been completed:
  • Linear actuator installation is complete.
  • Control box is securely installed.
  • Plug N Go harness is connected to the charge controller.
  • Plug N Go harness is connected to the battery.
  • Battery is installed in the battery compartment of control box.
  • Charge device cable is routed into control box and connected to the charge controller.
  • Linear actuator cable is routed into control box.

Verify the above items have been completed correctly before continuing. If necessary, correct before proceeding. If completed, procede with the following steps:
Locate the power connector attached to the linear actuator cable (red and black wires).
Connect it to one of the Plug N Go harness linear actuator power plugs. These connectors are
designed so that incorrect connection is not possible and it does not matter which connector is used.
Locate the linear actuator cable 8 pin plug.
Connect it to the Gate 1 connector located on the Sentry Control board.
Securely snap in place.
Once all connections are made place wires in wire compartment as shown in figure XX.

NOTE: In case of an emergency, the Gate 1 or Gate 2 connector can be removed at anytime from control board to stop gate from moving.

This completes all cable connections and cable routing into the control box.

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