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Mounting Brackets


The Sentry gate opener is supplied with universal brackets to mount on round or square hinge post ranging in size from 2 3/8" to 6". Some pieces may not be needed for your installation. The hinge post is the post your gate hinges are attached to.

Follow the steps below to identify which of the included brackets will be needed for your installation.

Is the hinge post round or square?
Square post will use the "square post flush mount bracket"
Round post will use the "round post flush mount bracket"

NOTE: If a round post is to be used it might be necessary to brace the post so that it does not rotate. A round post simply installed in concrete will rotate, if possible drill holes through the post and insert rebar through the post prior to concrete to prevent rotation.

Is the gate a light weight farm gate?
If so, use the "gate support brackets" to attach the gate bracket so that the bolts can be securely tightened.

Universal Actuator Bracket

The universal actuator bracket can be installed in many different ways to accommodate your gate opener installation. Use the images below to help understand the mounting options for this bracket and determine the installation method you are going to use. The images are for reference only and your installation might differ.

Universal actuator bracket must be securely installed. Drilling through the post is the strongest method. It is also recommended that the square post flush mount bracket or the round post flush mount bracket be installed for strength on opposite side of post from the universal bracket.

When determining where the universal actuator bracket will mount on the hinge post you must also consider where the gate bracket is going to connect to the gate. The gate bracket is going to attach approximately 34” out on the gate measured from the gate hinge center (see figure).
Once universal actuator bracket location is determined, verify that the gate bracket can be installed to the gate so that linear actuator is level.

Pull to Open Installation

This installation method is the most common where the gate swings into the property/driveway.

No matter which way you decide to install the actuator bracket and universal actuator bracket the pivot point below must be located in approximately this position for a pull to open installation.
pull to open

Push to Open Installation

This installation method is common where the driveway slopes up entering the property and gate must swing out to avoid interference. This type of installation places the actuator bracket and linear actuator into the drive area slightly. Another installation method would be to install as a Pull to Open and place linear actuator on outside of property.

Push to open installation can be achieved by installing universal actuator bracket and actuator bracket as shown in figure below. Dimensions for this install method are 7” and 4” from hinge center.
Universal actuator bracket hole pattern allows for the actuator bracket to be installed as shown in this location only. Establish enough offset in the rear actuator pivot point to allow the gate to close from the open position.

IMPORTANT: If Installation is Push to Open, control switch #2 “operating direction reverse” must be turned “ON”.

NOTE: Pull to Open & Push to Open Dimensions are measured from the gate hinge center (pivot point).
push to open

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