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7. Attach Actuator Bracket to Universal Actuator Bracket

The actuator bracket has a 3/8” pre drilled hole that the linear actuator will mount to. This is the pivot point for the linear actuator. In all cases, the universal actuator bracket should be aligned level with a horizontal gate section. (see Mounting Site Review)

For a Pull to Open installation - the pre-drilled hole must be located 5” behind the gate hinge and 8” to the inside of the property.
pull to open gate opener

For a Push to Open installation - the pre-drilled hole must be located 7” in front of the gate hinge and 4” to the drive side of the hinge.
push to open gate opener

These dimensions are measured from the center of the gate hinge (pivot point).
Actuator Bracket
Mounting hardware needed:
two 3/8” x 2 1/2” shoulder bolts
two 3/8” USS flat washers
two 3/8 serrated hex nuts.

  1. Attach actuator bracket to universal actuator bracket.
  2. Verify that actuator bracket pivot hole dimension is located in the correct position.
  3. Tighten bolts securely.

Gate Mounting

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