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gate opener features
Sentry 300
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Sentry 300
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Gate Opener Warranty
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The Sentry gate opener is designed and rated for vehicular class I, II, III or IV swing gates up to 20 feet in length. Recommended for Gates that meet the following descriptions:
ornamental iron gate

Ornamental Iron
12 feet max length
Max weight 400 lbs.

ranch style gate

Ranch Gate
14 feet max length
Max weight 400 lbs.

farm gate

Farm Gate
20 feet max length
Max weight 300 lbs.

chain link fence gate

Chain Link Gate
16 feet max length
Max weight 350 lbs.

  The Sentry gate opener is designed and supplied with universal mounting brackets to fit most types of gate installations. Hinge post from 2 3/8" to 6" round or square can be used with the included universal mounting hardware.
  USAutomatic, LLC is not responsible for any damage to a gate in which the gate opener is installed. A poorly installed or misadjusted gate could be damaged. It is the responsibility of the installer to verify proper gate installation prior to opener installation.
As a general rule a gate which is to be automatically operated must be stronger and smoother than one which will be manually operated.  Since the gate is a major component of the system, great care and concern must be given to the gate design.
  1. Does the gate swing smoothly without binds or excessive resistance? Swing gates should swing level and plumb to prevent the opener from having to lift the gate open or closed. Swing gates should not require a wheel to support them. Wheels create drag, which will cause opener problems. A wheel is generally a sign of a weak hinge system or a weak gate frame.
  2. Is the gate frame of substantial strength without excessive weight? Will the frame withstand normal wind load conditions without sway or vibration? Will the gate close correctly without being hand-guided or lifted to close?
  3. Are the hinges suited for an automatic gate opener? We recommend bearing type hinges to reduce friction drag.
  4. Will a reinforcement brace be required to attach the linear actuator to the gate or does a suitable cross member exist in the gate design? If any of these problems exist, they must be corrected to achieve a reliable automatic gate system.

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