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Sentry Exit Sensor

PN# 070300

Solar Friendly Design
The driveway exit sensor is a magnetic device that installs below ground beside the drive. A magnetic field is established which when interrupted by a metal object will send a signal to open the gate. This sensor is supplied with a 50 foot cable and is typically installed inside the property beside the drive to automatically open the gate when a car passes. If more than 50 foot of cable is desired do not attempt to add cable this will only create problems. This type of sensor is not a safety device.
Sensor can be ordered with longer cables.
Visit for ordering information.
It is recommended to install this sensor and cable in PVC conduit.


Wire as follows: Red wire – connect to J2 pin 1
Shield (braided wire) – connect to J2 pin 2
Black wire – connect to J2 pin 3




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